All Prospecting Licenses, Mining Leases, Reconnaissance Permits, Building Materials Permits, Special Site Rights and Road Access Licenses are reviewed and approved by the Mines and Minerals Board before licenses or permits are granted by the Minister for Mines. The functions of Board are stipulated in the Section 11 of the Mines and Minerals Act where the primary function of the Board is to advice the Minister on the issuance of permits, licenses and leases in respect of gold dealing, reconnaissance, prospecting and mining operations to be carried out in terms of the Act.

The Mines and Minerals Board constitutes of the following members:

Finance and Treasury
Under Secretary, Economics
Trade Industry and Commerce
Under Secretary/ Permanent Secretary (Ag)
Chief  Immigration Officer
Commissioner of Labor
Planning and Aid Coordination
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Mines. Energy and Rural
Permanent Secretary
Mines Division
Director of Mines (Ag) (Interim Chairman)
Geological Survey Division
Deputy Director of Geology
Ministry of Environment, Conservation,
Meteorology and Disaster Management
Director of Environment and Conservation
Foreign Investment Division
Director of FID
Central Bank of Solomon Islands
Chief Manager, International
Provincial Government
Provincial Secretary of the province that the application covers
Representative from area that the application covers
Attorney General’s Chambers
Solicitor General (Ag)


Schedule of Board Meetings

During the course of a year the Board schedules four ordinary meetings, 1 at the end of each quarter, and extraordinary meetings which are held to address certain issues concerning the Minerals Board that require the urgent deliberation by the Board.

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